According to Robyn, "the age of the children" is a major factor in the step-child/step-parent relationship. "Teenagers are usually the most challenging, and children at any age can be accepting or rejecting," she says. 10, As are the circumstances that led to your involvement in their life. Shutterstock,. It’s unrealistic to expect a step mom to “love” a child that’s not their own. Perhaps some step moms end up feeling all those gooshy feelings, but I think majority lie to themselves. From the ages of 10-14, kids are going through a lot of developmental changes. Add major family changes into the mix and this can leave kids feeling overwhelmed, scared, anxious, and like they lack any semblance of control. Understanding what your stepchild may be going through can help you navigate how to create a healthy relationship with them.. "Couples will often rush children and even pressure them to love their new stepparent right away," Giles said. "This kind of pressure will hinder the process even more.", Stamp heartily agrees. "Do.

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